Hi, I'm Alex.

I help ship crew discover their next job, next career and transition to land.

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Hi, I'm Alex.

I help ship crew discover their next job, next career and transition to land.

Does your job at sea no longer give you fulfilment and happiness or is ship lifestyle no longer for you? Or both… 

Is the energy, happiness, spark, and excitement for working at sea low? The thought ‘I swear this is my last contract’ is now a frequent visitor in your mind and you start planning your next vacation a few weeks after returning to contract?

To where break times or port days are now most welcomed and certain small tasks have started to annoy you.  Perhaps you find yourself to be a little less social now and are running more on auto pilot?

I completely understand this and more, there is the feeling that you know you are not happy where you are but how does one even navigate a change from ship life to land life right.  Knowing that there must be something more out there as being stuck in this lifestyle and being unfulfilled is wearing you down emotionally and physically, the lust for life has diminished and you are left feeling a little lost and unhappy.

It is very common for many ships’ crew to stay onboard longer than what one would want, and with great reason.  Working at sea is a unique lifestyle and it is one that most folks on land cannot relate to fully, this making it feel more challenging to transition as who can best help and support this process. 

The many thoughts of how do I move ashore, how do I find work that I can do and will enjoy, how will it work financially, and will I be able to adjust and be happy?  Can you relate?

However, I am here to tell you and show you after two major career changes, both of which brought two major lifestyle changes, that moving from ship to shore and having your land life that gives you fulfilment, happiness, and work-life balance is possible for everyone to have, including you! And the process to get there is not as difficult as you may think.

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A bit about me...

Hi, I’m Alex, and I help ship crew discover their next job, next career and create their land life.

How did I get here? I am a Chef  turned Ship Crew turned Career Coach who loves getting as much out of life as possible.

I love helping others recognize & walk the path of possibility and opportunity.

Being part of the transformation process my clients take is certainly a dream job come true, yet like you, I was once unfulfilled and unhappy with my ship life, wondering what I can do next and how can I figure that out to make the change with certainty and confidence.

A born optimist who loves adventure, travel and exploration.  Ambition and freedom live side by side for me and being able to have a lifestyle that gives me work-life balance is incredible.

Figuring out your next job, career is easier and enjoyable when you have the right mindset, strategy and support - this is my area of expertise. My wish is you say YES to you and start discovering what your land life can be.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Access These Free Resources To Help You Have Your Land Life!


7 Things You Must Know Before You Quit

Are you a maritime crew and considering a transition from ship life to land life?  No matter where you maybe with the process of moving from ship to shore, what is most important is your awareness and preparation. 

Yet with such a big transition, how do you know if you know everything?  You can’t ask for something if you do not know what to ask for right?  Well, no need to worry, you set! 

This comprehensive free guide is designed specifically for crew wanting to quit ships and create their land life.  It will include 7 areas that you do not want to overlook, how you can handle it best and tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Also if you are a couple wanting to leave there is a section specifically for you.



Should You Stay or Go? Take The Quiz!

How can you be sure that it is now the right time to leave ships and move to land?  As there is so much involved with this transition, we get it – ship life is where you live & work and land life is your vacation.

But how can you be certain if leaving ships is the right step for you, or staying at sea is?  Perhaps you have had a bad contract, or management you did not get along with, or you have lost fulfilment with your job – does this mean you should quit?  Does it mean you should stay and change?

That’s why; I have created this fun quiz where you will know for sure whether quitting ships is the correct step, or not, and what to do next. 

15 questions, 1 result, what will your answer be?



100 Land Based Jobs For Ship Crew 

One of the most if not the number one challenging part of leaving ships to live on land is figuring out what job can you do on land? 

Whether you are a seasoned seafarer or work in a department where you cannot see how this role would translate to a job on land, do not worry.

If you do not have an up-to-date resume or know how to express what your skillset & strengths are, do not worry.  We all know that expressing our ship life and ship job to future land-based employees can seem a little daunting, as no one understands fully ship life except ship crew.

Whether you know you want to quit ships or are in the thinking stage of it, take the mental load off with this guide.  A guide that outlines tasks performed onboard how these can translate to land jobs. 


All New Podcast

Never miss an episode…These are perfect for when you are in your cabin, ashore on a break, or when you are on vacation. 
We’ll be having loads of fun with guest experts, my top tips, and the latest discussions on all things career change and transitioning to your land life.


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