Hi, I'm Alex.

I help women discover their next career so they can have fulfillment, happiness, and work-life balance.

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Hi, I'm Alex.

I help women discover
their next career so
they can have

fulfillment happiness work-life balance the life they really want

Are you tired of working in your job, or career that no longer gives you fulfillment and happiness? 

Where Monday mornings are not welcomed, returning to work after a vacation/holiday feels heavy and dissatisfying and your work tasks and energy levels are low?

I completely understand this and more, the feeling of hoping and knowing there must be something more out there as being stuck in an unfulfilling job/career wears you down emotionally and physically, the lust for life has diminished and you are left feeling a little lost and unhappy.

However, I am here to tell you after two major career changes which also brought two major lifestyle changes, discovering a new job a new career that will give you fulfillment, happiness, and work-life balance is possible for everyone to have, including you! And the process to get there is not as difficult as you may think.


“I am going to be honest and say I was hesitant to sign up and work with a Career Coach, yet I am happy I did. The self discovery journey I took was the most valuable experience I have had in years. To fully know who I am and step into my next chapter aligned is the best gift to myself.

Work-life balance is possible, I am loving it!”


My services include:

Changing careers can be an easy and enjoyable process with the right mindset, strategy and support.  I am here to help you with all of that.


A bit about me...

Hi, I’m Alex, and I help women discover their next career that stems from their true self so they can step into their next chapter aligned, fulfilled, and happy.

How did I get here? I am a Chef turned Ship Crew turned Career Coach who loves getting as much out of life as possible.

I LOVE helping women recognize & walk the path of possibility and opportunity.

Being part of the transformation process my clients take is certainly a dream job come true, yet like you, I was once unfulfilled and unhappy with my previous career and wondering what can I do next and more importantly how can I figure that out?

A born optimist who loves adventure, travel and exploration, you can definitely say that ambition and freedom live side by side for me and being able to have a lifestyle that gives work-life balance is incredible.

It is possible for me AND possible for you…figuring out your next career is much easier and enjoyable when you have the right mindset, strategy and support - this is my area of magic. My wish will be that you say YES to you and start discovering what your next lifestyle can be.

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What Clients Have To Say

Access these free resources to help you with your career change!


Discover your passions and purpose 

We all know that working with our passions can make what we are doing seem effortless as we are in a state of happiness. When it is time to change jobs and careers, our views on what our passions can be are clouded, making the job of discovering what you can do next much harder.

Get the guide where thought-provoking questions will help you get on the discovery path of what lights you up and is most meaningful



Should you stay or go? Take the quiz!

Without knowing what it is specifically about your current work environment that does not serve you anymore, you will be going around in circles and wasting energy, emotion, and effort – certainly not a good place to be in as it is the opposite end of being happy.

That’s why; I have created this amazing quiz where you will know for sure if staying where you are, changing roles or changing industries is the correct step, and more importantly what to do next once you have your answer.



The Missing Step

Learn and understand the most imperative step in a career change, which many miss or do not even know about. This step is the one that will not only guarantee you a successful career change so you will have fulfillment and happiness in your next chapter but also make discovering what you want to do next that much easier and dare I say enjoyable.

Click here to listen, a well-spent 30 minutes giving you the knowledge most needed


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