Hey friend,

Really glad you're here 

I’m Alex, the founder of Discover Your Next Career.

I am here to help you find the direction in life and start living it.

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Hey friend,

Really glad you're here 🤎.

I’m Alex, the founder of Discover Your Next Career. A born optimist who believes that possibilities and opportunities are for everybody. You are the creator of your life, and I am here to help you find the direction again and start living it.

Here's my story

How did I get here? I am a Chef turned Ship Crew turned Career Coach who loves getting as much out of life as possible.

I fell into Career Coaching during my ship career. Working at sea and being surrounded by 2,000 different people each week and working with a large team – up to 1,000 crew members, naturally means I am a people person.

Being an optimist and visionary produced a strong desire to understand what drives people and understand people who want to live better and get more out of life. A new passion was born to discover and dive into Human Behaviour.

The more I learned the more fascinated I became as I realized many fascinating things including that I began to see the “how and why” we do things or don’t do things in many aspects of life and the result that gives us.

As one who has a fear of the mundane not change I  took this newfound passion and started applying it to change, how can I make the process of change easier and more comfortable and for you to even become "friends" with the fear of change.

At this point I knew I was getting closer to what it is I am here to do.

Since my young adult years, I have always been passionate about careers – finding a career, learning, and growing within it, pivoting, or changing to something completely new.

Not only did I love this, but even more so when friends and colleagues would share with me how they wanted to grow and try something new, or had a job interview coming up. I would immediately light up and say “oooh, tell me more” and ask them a gazillion questions as I new I could help them with this process.

So I naturally fell into doing what I love....here it was born...Discover Your Next Career that will stem from your true self so you can step into your next chapter aligned, fulfilled, and happy, the side result of creating your version of work-life balance as the cherry on top! Sweet.


Moving from “ship to shore” you can literally compare it to moving to a new city in a foreign country and setting up a life. My home and work were on ships for 10 months a year and my holidays/vacations were spent on land. Many folks leave their home to go on holiday/vacation and I was doing the opposite.

It is where I discovered what is needed to excel in career transition was assistance with adjusting to a new life – a new career, home, finances, relationships, friendships, in all these different areas of life. The adjusting period, the accepting period, and the living it period.


BUT firstly, what needed to be addressed was “What do I want my next career to be” As you know I did figure this out, but in the process, I found it difficult to find someone who could fully understand and help with this – many either had knowledge (certificates of training of consulting/coaching), or had experienced something similar, but not both.

I needed help with work and life, as both have a pro-founding effect on each other. It was through my first-hand experience, and then later my knowledge (certified coaching and positive psychology) that career coaching and work-life balance were founded.

The transformation and results that this combination brings to others were the catalysts for doing what I do now. I find it easy to help others recognize the path of possibility and opportunity and when I combine this with my “why” in life - I am deeply passionate about bridging the gap of gender equality. I see that helping women discover their next career which is in alignment with their true self, offers fulfilment and happiness. This effect ripples through to other areas in their lives and they can create their version of work-life balance.

More women living as the best version of themselves helps bridge this gap.

I'm on a mission...
For women to BE extraordinary and live an extraordinary life. We can all dream and fantasize about living better, I want to be able to show and help women that you can create this and have this….it is not for only certain people, it does not exclude you, you can step into a new chapter to live life your way, for you! 




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Everything works out for the best, always

Where to next?




Your passions and purpose and leap into your next job, next career. We all know when we work with our passions it can make what we are doing seem effortless as we are in a state of happiness. When it is time to change jobs, change careers our views on what our passions can be is clouded therefore making the job of discovering what you can do next, that much harder.




Are you thinking you would like to work with me yet have questions and would like to know more before signing up? Send me a message with your enquiry and let’s chat. I appreciate and value everyone who I work with and making sure we will head in the right direction is imperative.



Your Next Steps

Whilst we may think changing jobs and careers is possible, being sure of the path that one takes means you can feel certain, and with that feeling, you will transition much easier and it will find it more enjoyable.

Get a bird’s eye view of what this path typically looks like for most so you can feel ready!


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