What would having your land life mean to you?


Waking up to a new job, new career AND lifestyle that gives you fulfillment and happiness.

My magic is helping you discover what this is for you.

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What would having a

work-life balance

mean to you?


What would waking up to a new career that gives you fulfillment and happiness mean to you?

My magic is helping you discover what your next career can be!


YES, you want to move from ship to shore. 

YES, you want your land life to be a success.

YES, you are ready to commit and focus to this transition.

If figuring out what job, what career you can do on land that will give you fulfilment and happiness, and creating the lifestyle to go with it is what you want to achieve then the Discover Your Next Career program will give you this.

Discover Your Next Career is the most effective program for maritime crew as it was designed by ex-ship crew turned career coach and gives you the precise tools, trainings, resources and support no matter your current situation, your position onboard, where you live, and where you want to get to.

Say HELLO to Your Land Life!

My program helps you to discover your next career:

  • Instant Access & Support
  • Resource Library
  • Step by Step Modules
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Career and Life are interlinked, yet how many of us have a career that supports the lifestyle you want and vice versa? Or we do not even know that this possible?

Bringing attention and focus into all your main areas of life will give you the full understanding of what is currently happening and how life is for you.

When you are in a career that no longer serves you, it is common for other areas in life to be off balance since we typically spend 30% - 50% of our day in our career.

It is with this awareness you begin to discover what areas of life are working for you, what is not, what you WANT.

You could say it is taking a bird’s eye view of your life and seeing exactly what is going on.

An imperative step in designing work-life balance and your next career.

Pillar 02 

Do you wonder why career change is hard, why many folks stay stuck, settle, and do not change or take years to change only to wish they had done it sooner?

The reason is this; how can you figure out what you want to do next when you do not know who you are today.

It is typical to lose sight of who you are and what is most important to you when you are in a career that no longer excites you, gives you fulfillment, or value.

Reconnecting to your true self means finding what is most important to you, understanding what drives you, what motivates you as then you will be able to make informed life changes – and it is from this place where you will be able to start discovering the next career that will give you fulfillment and happiness.

Pillar 03 

Perhaps you want to move into a completely different industry, or you may not even know yet? However, what is required is you identifying what you love and dislike about work. Have you ever thought about creating your ideal work environment? Once you know your skill set, you have identified your strengths, your weaknesses. Gained clarity on your values & skills, the outcome of what it is you do want in a work environment and what does drives and motivates you will start to emerge. – Enter your happy dance.

Not only is this imperative to figure out what you want to do next but when you combine this with who you truly are and what matters most to you, the picture unfolding not only gets clear but also fills you with excitement about this journey.

Plus with all of this awareness and knowledge you realize how useful this will all be when you are reading future job descriptions, writing your resume, cover letter, networking, and interviewing, you will have all the answers on hand as you know who you are!

Perhaps you want to move into a completely different industry, or you may not even know yet?

Pillar 04 

“Follow your passion" “Follow your purpose” are frequently repeated words of advice. And like many folks you most probably are thinking well which one do I follow and how do I know what my passion is and what my purpose is. Also, more importantly what will this do for me and my next career?!

Identifying what you love, and what makes you happy - your passions, with what is your meaning, what is your “why” for what you do - your purpose, will give you discipline, determination, and direction to succeed in your next career – it is the pathway for longevity and fulfillment.

It is about connecting the dots of your true self, your career values, and your passions and purpose to discover your next career.

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